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Painted Flower Pot & Plant Workshop | Mon. July 8

Painted Flower Pot & Plant Workshop | Mon. July 8

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Make-it-Monday Painted Flower Pot & Plant Workshop - for kids! | Mon Jul 8th | 11:00am

Let's have some fun getting creative! Each Monday at 11am all summer long we'll have a different hands on project! 

This Monday we are painting a flower pot and then planting a flower in it! Each participant will get hands on painting their own adorable face on their flower pot. Then choose a flower and plant it in their newly painted flower pot!

If your child is 7 or younger, please plan to stay with them for this workshop. 

SERIOUS TALK: All workshop sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. If you are unable to attend the workshop, your project will be packaged up as a take home kit. Take home kits will be held at the store for a maximum of 14 days.  Ok. Serious talk over. Enjoy creating!

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